The Department of Pointless Signings

The Dodgers signed Shea Hillenbrand to a minor-league deal today because.. uh.. ah, hell – you got me. t1_shea_us.jpg

It’s because the Dodgers really need another over-30 first baseman.
Well, they already have Big Sexy (who, by the way, survived the axe today – DJ Houlton was sent down). And just yesterday they acquired 37-year-old Mark Sweeney. Not to mention Nomar’s still an option. I know Andy LaRoche’s injury issues aren’t exactly making the team confident that he can contribute soon, but what exactly causes a team to need to go out and get Sweeney and Hillenbrand on back to back days?

It’s because Shea Hillenbrand is a good major league hitter.
Well… no. The Angels thought so much of him this year that after giving him $6.5 million dollars, they dumped him on June 27th after 197 unremarkable at bats in which he put up a .600 OPS (!) with 3 home runs. The Padres gave him a shot, and he sure paid off – a .347 OPS. In AAA. That’s OPS. In the minors. I know it was over a small sample size, but still – OPS’ing .347 in the PCL? That says to me “ready for the big leagues” in the same sense that I feel Helen Keller is ready to play drums for Metallica.

It’s because Shea Hillenbrand is a really nice guy.
Uh, wow. Because if you follow baseball, you may remember the time he ever so eloquently told Red Sox GM Theo Epstein, “trade me now, fag.” Or the time his own manager challenged him to a fistfight after he wrote “this ship is sinking” on the clubhouse bulletin board. Yeah. He sounds like a barrel of laughs.

I know – it’s a minor league deal, and there’s a great chance he continues to stink it up in the PCL and never wears the Blue. I guess I just don’t see any point to this. We don’t need him, he can’t play, and he’s a jackass. That sounds like the trifecta in my book.

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