Louisville Slugger, Indeed.

Is it the obvious joke? Yes. Am I about to make it anyway? Oh, you better believe it.

Why couldn’t Jose Offerman hit this well when he was on the Dodgers? Bah-zing. Those 1992 and 1993 seasons, where as the starting shortstop for the Blue (getting 534 and 590 at-bats) he OPS’d .664 and .667, were pure nightmare fuel for my young, impressionable self.

Anyway – via the always glorious WithLeather, we have a “video” of the already infamous “Jose Offerman attacking an independent league pitcher and catcher with a bat” incident. And while “video” does technically mean “still frames rapidly played one after enough to simulate actual motion”… this isn’t quite that. But, close enough. 


Besides, fun as that was, for me, nothing will ever top former Red Sox farmhand Izzy Alcantara drop-kicking the catcher before taking out the pitcher. You may call that “unconscionable violence”.. I call it, “thinking ahead.”


- Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness msti-face.jpg