My Brain Is Leaking Out My Ear

This isn’t quite Dodgers-related.. but I did hear it on the SNY broadcast of the Mets/Dodgers game,┬áso close enough – this is so dumb, I couldn’t help myself.

SNY commentators Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, an432803490_8043ae2ee7.jpgd Ron Darling were discussing the recent announcement of the Rawlings All-Time Gold Glove Team, which included former Dodgers 1B Wes Parker. After agreeing that Hernandez should have won over Parker – which, you know, fine, Parker isn’t a very well-known name anymore – they turned to the second base winner, Joe Morgan. Which, my distaste for Morgan’s awful baseball commentating aside, is a ridiculous choice when second basemen like Bill Mazeroski and Roberto Alomar are considered.

Anyway, this is me paraphrasing, not a direct quote – but this is what Keith Hernandez said, after Gary Cohen said he’d have taken Alomar:

I think Joe Morgan was the right choice for this honor, because he was a better all-around second baseman. I mean, he can’t hold up to Alomar when you’re talking defensively, but all-around, Morgan was definitely better.

*sigh*.. Keith. You DO know what they award the Gold Glove for, right?

- Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness msti-face.jpg