David Wells Is A Funny Guy

Alternate title: “Brett Tomko Classy Enough To Take Jokes After Being DFA’d”.

Hey, say what we will about Brett Tomko – and I have – the following story makes me like him awellslaughing1.jpg whole lot more as a person for taking his fate with a lot of class. As for David Wells, making jokes to a guy whose job you just took – about the job you just took – isn’t really the nicest thing you can do.. unless it’s actually funny. And, well, this is. At least he makes fun of himself just as much.

From Steve Henson’s Yahoo! blog:

To make room for Wells, the Dodgers severed ties with veteran right-hander Brett Tomko, designating him for assignment. In a surreal scene, Tomko talked to reporters about his fate while Wells, an unapologetic jokester, dressed not two feet away at the next locker.

Tomko: “I’m OK with it. Last night I saw it coming.”

Wells: “Really? You saw it on the sports ticker?”

Tomko: “Funny.”

Tomko: “I hope the (general manager Ned Colletti) can get me to another team and not let me sit around and rot. I’ll go home and start throwing at the local high school field. I don’t know what to do first, it’s uncharted territory.”

Wells: “You’ve got to find a catcher.”

The Dodgers kept Tomko on the roster through Thursday, allowing him to reach 10 years of major league service time and guaranteeing him the maximum pension.

Tomko: “That was important. It’s a good time for me. I’m ready for a new opportunity. And it’s not like they brought in a chump to replace me.”

Wells: “Yeah, they did.”

Well, David, you’re right – the needle is starting out at ‘chump’. But hey, let’s see what you can do. I know you always dig the big stage – how’s a nationally-televised Sunday night game in New York strike you?

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