David Wells: the Aftermath

Well, it wasn’t always pretty. And I thought wells-la-small.jpgwe’d nearly need to call the paramedics after he laid down a bunt and hustled to first. But you know what? Boomer did pretty well for the Blue just now. In 5 innings, Wells gave the team a pretty solid chance to win. Sure, he got himself into a nasty bases-loaded jam in the 5th – but he also got himself out of it by striking out Moises Alou on a curveball in the dirt.

Wells’ stats:

IP: 5.0
H: 7
BB: 3
ER: 2
R: 2
K: 2
Pitches: 73 (48 strikes)

Not to mention, his bunt hit (!!) that became the go-ahead run at the time he left. (I like this: it’s his 7th career run scored in his 21 year career.) Are those the stats of an ace? Hell no. But do you really think Brett Tomko was going to be anywhere near as effective tonight? Not a chance. For a 44-year old fat dude who spent the last three weeks surfing, this is the most any of us could have asked for.

- Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness msti-face.jpg