What a Day!

Not a bad day to be a Dodger fan, right? Let’s start with the new pitcher; updating yesterday’s post about how I thought getting Loaiza would be a good idea, the Dodgers have in fact claimed him off waivers. You can refer to what I wrote yesterday to see why I was okay with him coming to town, but the news gets better. A) he’s only paid $6.5 million next year, not $8 million as I thought yesterday; and B) rather than having to send any prospects to Oakland, the Dodgers got him for the low, low price of “on the house.” I don’t think people realize just how insane the pitching market is going to be this offseason – don’t be surprised to see guys like Kyle Lohse and Carlos Silva getting 4-year deals. So this could work out very well. We’ll see on Tuesday in Chicago, as he’s taking Eric Stults’ spot in the rotation.
On to the more exciting news.. what a win! I’m sorry to say that I did not get to watch just about kentscores.jpgall of it, only getting home for the 12th inning. But what a roller-coaster. Brad Penny giving up 6 runs on 8 hits in 5 innings to Washington? Ugh. Mark Hendrickson following to give up 2 more runs? Thanks for showing up, Lurch.
But heroes abound. How about James Loney with 4 RBI? How about Matt Kemp with a game-tying homer after Seanez and Beimel gave up the go-ahead run? How about Jeff Kent hustling face first with the winning run? (shown at right) How about Scott Proctor with three shutout innings to get the win? Finally, how about.. Shea Hillenbrand (?!) with 3 RBI of his own, including a 2 run homer in the 6th inning comeback and the game-winning sac fly.
What a comeback, and what a win. Could amount to nothing, but just saying.. this could be one of those wins you look back upon and say, “that was a season changer.” Blue are 3 out of the wild card and 4 out of the division, with San Diego and Arizona playing again tonight. Makes this upcoming series vs. the Padres a little more exciting, no?

- Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness msti-face.jpg