Here Comes the Cavalry

025-01054fd.jpgTake it away, Tony:

The activation of Garciaparra and the callup of five more players — pitchers Eric Hull and Eric Stults, infielders Tony Abreu and Wilson Valdez and outfielder Delwyn Young, all from Triple-A Las Vegas — gives the Dodgers 36 players for the rest of the regular season, far more than most clubs carry for the stretch run.

Oddly enough in the world of September call-ups, all of these guys have been with the team earlier this season. It’s not often your “extra guys” include your starting shortstop for the first two weeks of the season; your de-facto starting third baseman for a few weeks; and a guy in Young who’s already had a 4-4 game. (And, I might add, tied the modern PCL record for doubles with 54.) What’s more amazing is, I’ll be shocked if any of these guys have a chance to get off the bench (except Stults, who’s starting in place of Wells while Fatty serves his suspension.)
But that’s okay. Much as I like Abreu, I don’t really want to see Kent or Furcal benched for him – except in the late innings with a lead, when Kent should always be replaced on defense. What we really need to hope for is that Andy LaRoche still gets to play despite the presense of Nomar and Hitlerbrand. I won’t even mention how Delwyn Young should be getting at-bats when Kemp and Ethier can’t even get full-time gigs.
PS. How great is that Abreu card? I think I have a Ken Landreaux from the original set.

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