Random Stupid Quotes And Stupid People: Eric Karros

Marge Simpson has very large hair…


Eric Karros continues to catch up…


No point to that, really, except I’ve been itching to make the comparison for awhile. However, during today’s Diamondbacks vs. Dodgers broadcast, Eric Karros was one half of a very painful broadcasting crew. Here are a few words of wisdom from Eric…

On Juan Pierre critics:

The critics will say “Well, the on base percentage isn’t what it should be,” but, again, he does get on base…

Juan Pierre’s OBP: .329.

Ranking amongst all the people who get on base: 128 out of 167 qualified MLB hitters.

After Russell Martin blocked a ball with runners on late in the game:

That should count as an RBI for Russell Martin right there because he prevented a run from scoring.

Oh God… driving in runs with your glove, now. I got it: we can call it the GRDI (Gloved Run Driven In). Picture it…

“Hey man, did you see in the 7th inning that routine flyball Ethier caught? I mean, if he doesn’t catch it and just runs away from it, they get a hit and score. He just rocks this year, that was like his 88th GRDI this year, man, which puts him 5th in the GRDI category, which is around his RBI category and then…”


Don’t worry, folks. I’ll NEVER retire.

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