Done and… done.

Even though it’s been a foregone conclusion for over a week, this bloody corpse of a team finally was allowed to keel over and die officially yesterday (can a corpse still die? My horror movie library offers different opinions.) I’m not sure what was more painful; the complete ineptitude on the field this week, or the total bullshit coming out of the locker room and the news papers.

I read this, by He Who Shall Not Be Named (okay, it was Plashke), suggesting that the Dodgers give up on Matt Kemp because he’s immature and that he annoys the veterascanners1_001.jpgns. Once I cleaned up (that picture to the right? Self portrait after reading the article) and the urge to kill subsided, I still thought this was insane. That’s right, let’s get rid of the 23-year old stud who’s got the 3rd best OPS of anyone on this team with any reasonable number of at bats, behind only a future Hall of Famer and another young stud (Kent and Loney). The 4th highest VORP on the team despite getting only about half as many at bats as the guys ahead of him.  If we trade Kemp for a return that’s anything less than a young superstar hitter like Miguel Cabrera or a young talented pitcher like Erik Bedard, we’re going to have some real problems here.

Not to mention, what happened in last night’s game where the playoffs were officially lost?
J. Loney: 3-5, 3 RBI, HR
C. Hu: 2-4, 2 RBI, HR
D. Young: pinch-hit 1st MLB HR

Meanwhile, Lurch and Hernandez combine to give up 4 runs in 2.2 innings and cost the game.

Yeah. Those young guys SUCK. Lets play the AARP more!

Anyway, I wanted to completely eviscerate Plashke on this latest mind-blowing stupidity, but DodgerThoughts did a pretty good job of it already, so go check that out. Note the special red headline text color, for extra anger! I just wish I knew if idiots like Plashke actually believed this crap, or are really just trying to sell their dead medium of newspaper.

- Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness msti-face.jpg



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