All Work and No Play Make MSTI… Something, Something.

Well folks, as it tends to do, real life has gotten in the way of blogging a little bit. But let’s be honest – there’s less than nothing going on in the way of Dodgers news right now, anyway.

But not to worry. We’ll be pushing forward with our ’07 wrap-up this week tumbleweed(finally!), and then we can get on with looking towards ’08 and finally fire up the Hot Stove.. as soon as the godforsaken playoffs actually end. Can you believe we’re still competing in the 2007 season? Doesn’t it feel like the Dodgers stopped playing about 3 months ago? I suppose in some sense, they did. But it’s not like the Blue didn’t play any role in this; more than one Rockie, when asked what the real turning point of their season was, identified the sweep of the Dodgers on Sept. 18 – particularly the home runs off of Broxton and Saito, which just does not happen. Good times. Can we get a playoff share out of that?

As for the World Series, I predict: Red Sox 4, Rockies 1, feet of snow 2. Love the Rockies story and all, but I’ve got to think the 8 day layoff really hurt their momentum. Half the reason they were able to do what they did is that every game was a do-or-die since the beginning of September; and now they’ve been chasing snowbunnies for a week while the Sox were playing do-or-die games in the ALCS. Feel free to comment with your predictions!

Oh, and a happy first birthday wish to our compadres at Sons of Steve Garvey. Also, congratulations on having the huge, brass, Saturn-sized cojones it must have taken to decide that starting a Dodgers blog in the middle of October, the absolute deadest time of year for Dodgers news, when it’s almost a struggle to find worthwhile things to discuss, was a good idea. Just kidding, guys. Cheers! Here’s to the terrible twos.

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