Managerial Rumors a Go-go

t1_joe_girardi.jpgWow, an actual… rumor?

First brought to my attention by intrepid reader Morgan, we’ve got fur flying here that if the Yankees choose Don Mattingly or Tony Pena as manager over Joe Girardi.. Girardi might be managing the Dodgers in 2008.

Or he might be the bench coach.

Or none of this could happen.

Let’s sort this out. ESPN’s Buster Olney is reporting that Girardi could have “a developing opportunity” with LA in 2008. We’ve got’s Ken Gurnick saying nearly the exact same thing, while also suggesting the “opportunity” may be in the front office or as bench coach. Finally, we have the Newark Star-Ledger reporting the same, except with the added twist of not even being able to spell Girardi’s name right. Good reporting, guys.

And then we’ve got’s Ken Rosenthal advocating that the Blue should hire Joe Torre and providing five reasons why, while starting off his article with an admission that there’s no proof to validate this rumor whatsoever. Which, shut up, Ken.

So what does this all mean? Let’s be clear – all anyone is saying is “sources say.” So there is no evidence that this is anywhere near happening, or even that this isn’t just posturing by the Girardi camp to press the Yankees into choosing him. What I’m most interested in is finding out if Colletti is actually losing patience with Griddle, because he’s been nothing but completely supportive of the yokel publicly. But if you read this blog at all, you know we’d clearly support a Grady-less future – but would a Girardi future be a brighter one?

Girardi, as most people know, coaxed 78 surprising wins out of a $14 million payroll in Florida in 2006, won the NL Manager of the Year Award, and was then.. fired, after a disagreement with owner Jeffrey Loria. Well, that’s a bonus right there: Loria’s an ass.

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