So, What the Hell Is Going On Here?

Buster Olney has an update to yesterday’s Girardi rumor in his blog today:

The silence from the Dodgers’ front office has been deafening on the matter of their manager. Left a lot of messages at Dodger Stadium on Thursday, and only one was returned, and not from the Ned Colletti, the Dodgers’ GM. A lot of questions linger for Colletti. Among them:

1. Is it your intention to fire Grady Little if you have a chance to hire Joe Girardi?

2. If the answer to Question 1 is yes, and you can’t hire Girardi, are you still going to fire Little?

3. Have you spoken with Joe Torre, or intermediaries to him, about possibly being your next manager?

What we wrote Thursday is that Girardi may have a developing opportunity with the Dodgers if he doesn’t get the Yankees’ job (and the guess here is that he will get the Yankees’ job).

After talking with sources yesterday, what I strongly believe — but don’t know for certain — is that it is the Dodgers’ intention to fire Little and replace him with Girardi, if they have the opportunity.

The Dodgers certainly had a whole lot of chances to come out Thursday and say unequivocally that Little’s job is safe for 2008. They have not done so, to date. We’ll see if they do so today.

Buster’s not wrong – the lack of a response from Chavez Ravine is pretty surprising to me. I originally thought this whole rumor was mostly coming out of Girardi’s camp, pressing the Yankees to choose him by showing his services are in demand elsewhere. But if that were the case, then Colletti would have quickly come out and said, “that’s ridiculous, I’ve already said Griddle’s coming back in 2008 and that hasn’t changed.”

But Colletti’s said nothing. Hear the silence so loud, indeed. I wouldn’t be opposed to Girardi replacing Griddle, but what I’m really wondering about is what happens if Girardi does indeed get the Yankees job. What then? Will the Blue still look elsewhere for a manager? Will Little be so upset about possibly having the rug yanked out from under him that it will make working relationships impossible?

We haven’t heard the last of this story, that’s for sure.

Oh, and can we please knock off the Torre rumors? Please? I don’t even like seeing it in print. Type. Internet ink. Whatever.

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