Is This Silver Lining Coming With a Cloud?

I know this is like my 4th post on the subject, but the rumors just keep flying. With two more weeks before the Hot Stove officially opens, this is exactly the kind of stuff a blog depends on to keep going in the long, cold, off-season.

Latest updates in the managerial drama:

Joe Girardi has been offered, and will likely accept, the Yankees managerial position, says ESPN. Okay, so there go the Girardi-to-LA rumors, regardless of whether it’s as Griddle’s replacement as manager, or as bench coach to Griddle with the added role of yelling “Dead Man Walking!!” every time Grady strolls out to the mound. (Seriously, could we have given Girardi a black reaper’s outfit and a scythe instead of a uniform if that had happened? How awesome might that have been?)

Well, that’s that. A little uncomfortable perhaps, but now that Girardi’s out of the picture, Griddle can rest easy and prepare for Vero Be.. wait.. what?

According to two people with knowledge of the Dodgers’ universe, the club and Little are talking about a buyout that would leave the manager’s office in Chavez Ravine vacant for Torre to inherit.

So says the New York Post. Leaving aside the issue of whether “people with knowledge of the Dodgers’ universe” could be the janitor and Mrs. McCourt’s personal trainer for a second, this raises some real issues. The article goes on to say that Jo005_05.jpge Torre would be the likely target, and while I’ve described why I think that’s stupid already (why bother paying a new guy way more money than the current guy, when they’re very similar managers and we’ve got plenty of good young arms for Torre to ruin??), it’s sort of besides the point here.

If the Dodgers were planning on upgrading from Griddle to either Torre or Girardi, why are we just finding out about this now? Why was Little left twisting in the wind for a month since the season ended, and why did Ned say he’s definitely coming back in 2008? It’s not as if it’s recent news that one of either Torre or Girardi would not be managing the Yankees next year. And if the goal was more pointed towards “not having Griddle” than specifically having Torre or Girardi, then what’s the point of waiting?

I wouldn’t have minded Girardi in town, and I certainly wouldn’t have minded Griddle being gone. I just really don’t see the point of the bizarre timing and murkiness of all of this, and I really don’t see the point of Torre, who’s a very similar type of manager.

I expect this to get ugly. Soon.

- Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness msti-face.jpg