This Is the Most Talent We've Seen in CF In Years

I am, of course, talking about Vin Scully’s introduction at today’s press conference. That man could read the 9/11 report and have it come out like poetry. Not to mention that he’s probably a better hitter than Juan Pierre. Have I mentioned how much I don’t like Juan Pierre? torreintrp.jpg

So Torre’s on board now (and bringing along Mattingly and Bowa, officially.) The press conference was most of your usual nonspeak, as Torre – shown at right either having a stroke or about to shoot a lightning bolt at Luke Skywalker – mostly said how “overwhelmed” he was to be in LA, and how he “doesn’t know most of the Dodger players”, which we’ll give him a mulligan on for the moment.

Probably the most important piece of info gleaned from today’s events would be the fact that he said he’s particularly excited about the young players the Dodgers have. I wasn’t always thrilled with some aspects of Torre’s managerial style in New York (bullpen usage mostly), but one thing he does have going for him is a good history of young players being given a chance to succeed – Robinson Cano, Joba Chamberlain, etc. Let’s hope he keeps that up in the Blue.

On ESPN, Steve “Danger to Myself and Others” Phillips has already blown past the Torre news and laid out his plan for Dodger success this offseason:

1. Get power at 3B – either Miguel Cabrera or Alex Rodriguez
2. Improve in CF – move Pierre to LF, sign Torii Hunter or Andruw Jones
3. Trade for Johan Santana.

So basically, if Steve Phillips was GM of the Dodgers, he would spend $400 million dollars and we’d probably see the last of Clayton Kershaw, Matt Kemp, Chin-Lung Hu, Andy LaRoche, Jonathan Broxton, and, oh, let’s say he’d probably throw in a few of our retired numbers too. (What, you don’t remember how great Sandy Koufax was in Marlins teal? What a pitcher.) Say what you will about Ned Colletti, but things could be much, much, worse.

By the way, completely off of the Dodgers for a second, the Pirates introduced John Russell (who?) as their manager today. And while the Dodgers moved their manager introduction ceremony/coronation out of the pressroom and onto the field to accommodate all of the press, the Pirates couldn’t even be bothered to put their conference live on FSN Pittsburgh,, or Nice organization you’ve got out there, boys. And you wonder why you haven’t won since 1992.

- Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness msti-face.jpg