So Long, Lurch

Remember a few weeks ago when I outlined that I actually wanted Mark Hendrickson back as a reliever, because he was shockingly pretty decent in that role, as opposed to how terrible he is as a starter?

Yeah. About that. hendy.jpg

MIAMI — The Marlins have added a veteran presence to their young pitching staff.

On Wednesday afternoon, the team announced the signing of free-agent left-handed pitcher Mark Hendrickson to a one-year deal.

The addition of Hendrickson potentially gives the Marlins three left-handers in their starting rotation. The pitching staff also includes southpaws Scott Olsen and Andrew Miller.

Oh yeah. This is going to end well. Take a mediocre vet, put him in a role he’s clearly proven he’s not cut out for, put him in front of a young and particularly defensively-challenged team, and add him to a division filled with some serious offensive talent. This is going to be cover-your-eyes bad.

So long, Lurch. I’ll enjoy watching Matt Kemp launch a ball 550 feet off you this summer.

Oh hell, who am I kidding? Former Dodgers always come back to bite this team head-to-head.

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