Like You Need Another Reason to Be Glad You’re Not A Giants Fan

In 1958, the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants ditched the 5 boroughs and headed west to the Pacific coast. That would make 2008 the.. uh.. carry the one… 50th anniversary of these continent-shattering moves. That’s sort of a big deal for these teams, right?

Well, the Dodgers PR machine is going full steam ahead. We’ve got a fancy logo, complete with super lame corporate speak about how everything represents something – though I must say, it’d be way more entertaining if they let the fans guess what everything meant. “Uh.. the two palm trees represent.. palm trees. Because it’s in southern California. And the TH stands for.. Todd Hundley?”

Not only that, the Dodgers had a big fancy float in the Rose Bowl Parade on New Year’s day, and a whole mess of 50th anniversary celebrations, including having the fans vote on an all-time LA roster at each position, and the top 50 moments in LA dodger history, and getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They’re going to commemorate the 1958-61 seasons played at the LA Coliseum by opening up the old girl for a celebratory exhibition game against the Red Sox just before the season starts. Each month of the season will be a celebration of a different LA decade (April: 1950s, May: 1960s, etc) and September will feature a day where they’ll bring back a ton of living LA Dodger stars out to the park for a celebration.

All of this is literally plastered over, clearly making the point that this is the huge PR push for the year.

So I’m sure the Giants will be celebrating their 50 (championshipless. Yep, there it is.) years in San Francisco too, right? I mean, it’s not like they’re going to have anything else to celebrate in 2008. A quick look at the Giants’ official webpage must have a list of celebrations, easy to find, no?

Except that the top headlines on the Giants’ page are:

Should Giants rework rotation?
Pen tweaks unlikely heading into spring

In addition, there’s ads for game tickets and, gasp, Kenny CHESNEY is coming June 8th! Yes! There’s a tiny 50th anniversary logo in the top corner, but other than that: nothing.

I guess the San Fran PR department can’t even be bothered, hmm?

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