Fire Joe Morgan… Out of a Cannon

This is what the internet is all about, folks: here we have a blog run by two guys who’ve taken their names from The Simpsons and a octogenarian baseball broadcaster about to discuss another blog’s decision to take the makeup off and reveal their true selves. As you may have noticed around here, we’re huge fans of Most every time we tear apart an article line for line (I’m still angry at Tracy Ringolsby) it’s a direct result of the influence the good folks at FJM have had on us.

If you’re not up on the FJM ethos, the story goes that it’s just some random college friends across the country who took their back-and-forth emails trashing awful sports-writing and made a sparsely-designed yet wildly popular website out of it, though never using their real names. The headman, “Ken Tremendous”, purported himself to be an insurance salesman in the middle of Kansas. While we knew that was likely a load of crap, it was kind of a nice thought that these guys were just regular guys like us – rabid sports fans who enjoy writing about/making fun of our passions, rather than actually focusing on our boring day jobs.

Except, today, the guys at FJM have revealed their true selves. Which are… television writers? “Ken Tremendous” is actually a writer for The Office, and occasionally appears as Dwight’s crazy Amish relative, Mose? The other guys have credits ranging from South Park to Last Call With Carson Daly? I’m not totally sure if this makes me like the site more or less. On one hand, I liked thinking that it was the blog of the average fan fighting against the inanity that is put out by the “legitimate media.” On the other hand, I do really like The Office.

More importantly, if these guys are TV writers: aren’t you on strike? Why aren’t there 6 FJM posts a day? I’m actually kind of disappointed there haven’t been any FJM in-jokes on The Office yet, like how 30 Rock has (more than once!) worked in jokes. (No, I’m not providing a hyperlink to that site. No, I don’t recommend you go there – NSFW is one thing, but it’s more Not Safe For Humans).

I, for one, look forward to the episode where Dunder-Mifflin creates a company softball team and manager Michael Scott complains that Stanley is “clogging up the bases.”

- Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness msti-face.jpg