This Keeps Getting Better and Better

025-01054fd.jpgSince I last discussed the increasingly bizarre infield situation, things had seemed to clear up a little bit. Tony Abreu, who’s been playing more and looking good this week, would start at 3B, and Chin-Lung Hu would fill in at 2B for a few days until Jeff Kent was ready. Not the optimal situation, but these guys would be starters on plenty of teams, so to have them be our last resorts isn’t the end of the world.

All is well. What? 

Tony Jackson, fill us in:

Tony Abreu to begin the season on the DL

He felt something in his right groin after one of his at-bats against the Brewers on Tuesday. The move can be backdated to Wednesday, which means he won’t be eligible to play until April 11 against the Padres. Not sure what it means for third base except that Blake DeWitt now might actually, truly be a candidate for the opening-day roster. That would mean a whole lot of other things, too, mostly that his calendar would be moved up a year so that he would run out of options a year earlier, would become eligible for arbitration a year earlier, etc., because as of right now, he doesn’t even have to be added to the 40-man roster until next winter. If he is added to the opening-day roster, all of that changes. If you assume Rudy Seanez was released to make room on the 40-man for Chan Ho Park, then this probably means another spot will have to be cleared to make room for DeWitt.

Ugh. This is simply unbelievable – who loses the top three on their depth chart in one position in one spring training? How many times can I keep making Spinal Tap drummer jokes? Now paging Esteban German… but not Inge, Crede, Giles, or Helms.

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