Decision 2008

 Hillary, Barack, and McCain? What? No, I’m talking about something really important.

Candidate Andre Ethier Juan Pierre


 26 (on April 10)

 31 (on Aug 14)

Spring BA



Spring OPS



Career OPS



Notable OF Assists

2 on Thursday @ Angels

4 in 162 2007 games

Tony Jackson says?

3/27: “I was wrong” (to back Pierre) 43 times.

3/5: “But I still believe the Dodgers are better with him (Pierre) in the lineup.”


3/25: Ethier has done everything he possible can to wrest left field away from Juan Pierre. He’s batting .359/.481/.672 with just three strikeouts in 64 at-bats. We already know he’s a better hitter than Pierre, and he’s an above average defender in left.

3/29: Juan Pierre was dropped to the eighth spot in the order Friday and went 0-for-3 against the Red Sox.
Manager Joe Torre should try hitting him 10th tomorrow.

Baseball Prospectus’ 2008 Predictions:



Hear them speak!

3/25: “I was told to come into spring training and show what I’ve got. And I did what I was asked. It’s management’s choice who they’re going to put out there.”

3/24: “I’m not talking.”

Looks clear to me! Storm the polls and let your voice be heard! Vote Andre in ’08.

Also, LA Taco was kind enough to ask me to write them a season preview for the Blue – check it out.

- Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness msti-face.jpg