Also, He’s a Canadian Pop Singer

How many errors can you make in one sentence? From the Cincinnati broadcasters (not sure which one) in the top of the 1st of tonight’s game:

Andre Ethier came over from Oakland three years ago and made quite a splash, helping the Dodgers to a division championship in 2006. They’ve been trying to replace him ever since, bringing in Juan Pierre two years ago and Andruw Jones this year.

1). The Dodgers won the Wild Card in 2006, not the division.
2). Juan Pierre was signed one year ago, not two.
3). The signings of Pierre and Jones had absolutely nothing to do with “replacing” Andre Either. Pierre was brought in to play CF after J.D. Drew opted out and Kenny Lofton was not re-signed, leaving the outfield short handed. Jones was brought in to add power and replace Juan Pierre.

But hey, it’s not like these guys are paid to talk about baseball, right?

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