Three Cheers for Blake DeWitt! Hello… Cory Wade? What?

Have to say, I did not see this coming. From Josh Rawitch’s official team blog:

As for tonight (back to the short-term), it’s another big game against Arizona. Joe Torre and the baseball staff believe we need to add another pitcher, so Cory Wade will be in uniform and Blake DeWitt has been optioned, surely with his head high. What an impressive job he’s done and he’s made a ton of people take notice (not the least of which are in Sikeston, MO, his hometown that named this Blake DeWitt month).

Cory Wade? Really? Well, first things first: DeWitt. I can’t say I’m totally surprised here, and I’m probably happier that he’s going to be getting some more regular playing time in the minors. But know this: Nomar is playing every single day for the next three weeks until Andy LaRoche comes back. I suppose the benefit in that is that at least we’ll know exactly how much he has left when LaRoche returns to make this a real competition. Also, I wish there was some way to split Chin-Lung Hu in half so that he could sub in on defense for both Nomar and Kent simultaneously.

As for Cory Wade: I’m extremely surprised. I think we all knew that Torre preferred to have 12 pitchers and that DeWitt would get sent down for a pitcher. Fine. But didn’t we all think it would be Yhency Brazoban? He’s rocking AA, striking out 11 in 8.2 scoreless innings. Even Tony Jackson said it would be Brazoban, saying:

Yhency Brazoban is being promoted to Triple-A because club officials want to get a look at him there before calling him up, but Torre hinted that the club isn’t going to stick with an 11-man pitching staff for too long, so that could mean Brazo gets the call in the next few days.

He later amended that to say that Brazoban hadn’t gotten the call to AAA yet, but would soon. So why Cory Wade all the way from Jacksonville? So far he’s given up a hit per inning in AA, with a 4.40 ERA in 14.2 Cory Wade innings, although only 1 walk. He’s 25 and now in his 5th season of minor league ball, with a 4.22 career ERA. I’ll admit to not knowing much about him, but that’s probably because legitimate prospects make it out of A-ball before they’re 24. In Feburary, Baseball Prospectus listed their top 11 Dodgers prospects, plus three more that just missed the cut: Wade wasn’t mentioned. In fact, I couldn’t even find a better picture than his “official headshot” shown at right. I can’t imagine he sticks for more than a week or so, or however long it takes for Brazoban to prove his readiness.

In other news, former major leaguers Mike Koplove (31 with a 0.96 AAA ERA), Greg Jones (31 with a 3.00 AAA ERA), Mike Myers (39 with a 3.48 AAA ERA) and Matt Riley (28 with a 4.26 AAA ERA) can be found tonight at the nearest bar to Cashman Field in Vegas.

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