Does Anyone Really Miss Rudy Seanez?

Me neither. So why does Rotoworld think we do?

Broxton might have a lat strain similar to Rich Harden’s. He’ll miss at least tonight’s game. If he’s forced to the DL, the Dodgers could call up Yhency Brazoban or Ramon Troncoso. The decision to cut Rudy Seanez at the end of the spring is looking more foolish by the week.

Really? It does? I don’t remember a single Dodger outlet – blogger or traditional media – complaining about letting Seanez go. Not one. And as you may or may not have noticed, we love to complain about things!

Besides, the Dodger bullpen has, on the whole, been outstanding this year.

2008 MLB Bullpen ERA
1. Tampa Bay 2.56
2. Florida 2.56
3. Arizona 2.56
4. Philadelphia 2.77
5. Oakland 2.82
6. Dodgers 3.18

Sixth out of thirty teams. Fourth in the National League. The bullpen is a problem how? Every reliever currently on the team has an ERA below 4.00 except for Scott Proctor’s 5.14 – and even for him, all 8 of his earned runs this year came in 2 disastrous outings, leaving him with 10 scoreless appearances. Sure, Rudy’s been good thus far in Philly (although, while a 1.00 ERA in 9 appearances looks nice, the 8 walks vs. 3 strikeouts in 9 innings certainly doesn’t back it up, so I can’t imagine that nice ERA stays anywhere near that low.)

Besides, if another arm is needed to bolster the ‘pen? Yhency Brazoban’s been dominating the minors (0.83 WHIP and a .591 OPS against), Ramon Troncoso had four scoreless outings in LA before getting hit hard in his last two, Jon Meloan (yes, he’s starting again in AAA, but there’s no reason he couldn’t come back to the pen if needed) has a 2.49 ERA in notorious hitter’s haven Las Vegas – and it’s by no means out of the question that uberprospect Clayton Kershaw (currently allowing batters a .482 OPS – not a typo, that’s OPS) in AA couldn’t follow the Johan Santana career path and debut in the bullpen.

No, you’re right, Rotoworld. We definitely should have held onto the almost 40-year-old reliever who’s masking the fact that he’s nearly walking three times as many as he strikes out behind a pretty (lucky) ERA.

What were the Dodgers thinking?

- Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness msti-face.jpg