It’s Time For a New Cause

Up there in the corner, we’ve reserved some space for our most urgent causes, usually under the headings of “Don’t Be Stupid, Ned” or “Don’t Be Stupid, Joe”. As you can see, the most recent cause Pierrehas been to “Play Matt Kemp!” However, it seems like that cause has worked out pretty well – Kemp has now started 16 games in a row and has the third-most AB on the team behind Rafael Furcal and James Loney. And he’s rewarding them with a .328/.355/.509 line, plus he’s in the top 10 in baseball in SB. I believe this was our quickest and most successful resolution to a cause yet.

So it’s time to move on. But to what? I’m leaving this one open to you guys. What’s the most pressing cause on the Dodgers right now? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Let’s take a look back at how previous MSTI causes have went:

Well, they didn’t trade Pierre. Of course, Juan has taken the threats to his job and changed his approach, and he’s actually playing very well lately. Dig that .382 OBP! Can he keep it up? Is this really a brand-new Juan Pierre? Well, I doubt it. And I’d still like to trade him, because he’s still got 3.5 more years on that huge contract. But until Andruw Jones can show that he’s in any way whatsoever still a competent MLB player, I can’t see Colletti pulling the trigger on any JP deals.
Good news again! This was from around the time of last offseason’s trading frenzy, (remember how often we were dealing Kershaw for Johan Santana, Miguel Cabrera, Erik Bedard, and pretty much everyone else who was on the market?) but forunately none of that silliness came down and Kershaw is still Dodger property, and it’s likely he makes his MLB debut in the next few weeks. If you’re wondering whether he’s still dominating AA, well how does a 1.09 ERA and a .493 OPS against strike you?


Ah, the original “official position on:” posterboy of MSTI, Alex Rodriguez. Don’t you love that rudimentary Photoshopping? Right after the season ended and A-Rod opted out, the Dodgers were often rumored as one of his destinations, and we here at MSTI were strongly against the massive price tag he’d carry with him. Of course, A-Rod eventually returned to the Yankees and the crisis was averted.

So how about it, readers? What’s next? I’d like to keep it more in the positive vein, so “Frame Nomar for a crime!” is probably out.

- Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness msti-face.jpg