Yet, Nothing About Sax and His Run-in With the Law

The Hardball Times, in a piece on supersubs of the 70s and 80s, brings us this classic Pedro Guerrero moment, which of course allows me to make more jokes about the genesis of this blog’s name.

Nor can we fail to include this classic Guerrero story; I can’t remember where I heard it first:

Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda, drilling his neophyte third baseman on mental alertness: “Okay, Pedro, it’s the ninth inning, tie game, one out, runners on first and third. What are you thinking?”

Guerrero: “Don’t hit it to me?”

Lasorda: “No, no. After that.”

Guerrero: “Don’t hit it to Sax.”

You know, I heard a guy got shot in New York City once – and they never found out who did it.

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