Just Keeps Getting Better and Better…

Brad Penny’s going to the DL after his MRI revealed inflammation and tendinitis in his shoulder, and Eric Stults gets the call to take his place. No surprises here, and it was both the right call to DL Penny and to choose Stults to be the replacement.

But this, I did not see coming:

Another domino falls: Kuroda returns to L.A. for an MRI

This doesn’t sound like anything major, but he told Joe Torre today that he has shoulder discomfort and that he has had it for a while. Not sure why he is only now telling the manager, but that’s what happened. Derek Lowe will start in place of Kuroda tomorrow night, that will be on normal rest because of the off-day. Stults goes Thursday, Kershaw moves up to Friday.

Diamond Leung seems to agree it’s not that huge a deal, either:

The team seems to feel better about Kuroda’s prognosis than Brad Penny’s since Kuroda’s scheduled start tomorrow has been pushed back for now to Saturday.

If both of these guys are saying it’s not that bad, I tend to think that maybe it won’t be; on the other hand, it’s never a good sign for a pitcher to have to fly 2000 miles back home for an MRI on his throwing shoulder, right?

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