Kershaw Sent Back To AA

He just couldn’t lay off the booze, so back to AA for him… oh wait, double A.

According to Tony Jackson, phenom Clayton Kershaw has been sent back down to the Dodgers AA affiliate, Jacksonville, to make room for Hiroki Kuroda, who makes his first start off the DL in about an hour. According to Jackson, Kershaw was most surprised:

I was as surprised as you undoubtedly are, but no one was more surprised that Kershaw himself. Joe Torre stressed, both to Clayton and to the media, that the move was more about needing a roster spot for Hiroki Kuroda, who is coming off the DL and starting tonight, than it was about the way Clayton has pitched. But as Clayton himself said, “Any way you spin it, I’m getting sent down. They can say they didn’t have enough room, but they (brought) me up when they didn’t have enough room, because all those (pitchers) were healthy then.”

I would make an assessment of his time in L.A., but my partner in crime, MSTI, did a very good job of that on the post below and Jon from Dodger Thoughts also has a good read on it.  In short, Kershaw has a lot to be proud of and should no doubt hold his head up high.  He could have easily embarrassed himself, but he proved to be a capable pitcher.  For a person who just turned 20 years old right before the season started, that’s extremely impressive and once he works on the things such as his location and the like… watch out.  The kid is for real.

See ya back in a couple of months, kid.

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