If the Dodgers Trade Matt Kemp for Jack Wilson…

…well, you won’t even get an analysis here. You’ll just get the .gif of the head-exploding guy from Scanners posted here about 40 times, and then no more MSTI posts ever since I’ll have broken my laptop by bashing my face into it. Be happy I just presented you with the still, because the motion one is way more gross, and that’s what you’re going to get if this deal goes down. Anyway, this story’s popped up everywhere, but I can’t help but comment on this one section of it. Let’s go with 6-4-2 for the link, originally from Ken Rosenthal:

To get Wilson, the Dodgers would need to trade the Pirates some of the same players that the Indians want for Sabathia, leaving Los Angeles with a choice of one deal or the other.

Please tell me that I didn’t just read that the asking price for a mediocre – at best – shortstop is going to have anything in common with the asking price for the reigning AL Cy Young Award winner. Jack Wilson is 30 and has a career OPS+ of 79. C.C. Sabathia is 27 and has never once in his career (and for all the hype over Clayton Kershaw, don’t forget that when C.C. was age 20, he was going 17-5 in 33 starts) had an ERA+ of below 100. So please, tell me, on what planet are we trading the same guys for these two players?

If we needed a pitcher – which we don’t – then yes, by all means, Sabathia is worth some top-shelf talent. Jack Wilson should be a player the Pirates are dying to give away. He’s not all that good, and he’s still got some sizable cash left on his deal ($7.25 million next year, plus a $0.6 million buyout of an $8.4 million team option for 2010). The Pirates should be begging the Dodgers to take him off their hands, no?

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