Donny Baseball Is BACK!!

According to this morning’s L.A. Times, Don Mattingly is back as the hitting coach… after the All-Star break, that is.  Current hitting coach Mike Easler is expected to be reassigned within the organization.

Now, I’m personally thrilled to see Mattingly joining the team permanently, and he was maybe the person I was most excited about joining our staff.  I was one of many dreaming of the opportunities of him working with the youngsters, in particular, James Loney, and I’m thrilled to see that will finally be a reality.

However, let’s not short change Mike Easler, either.  While our offense has been mostly horrific this season, he wasn’t necessarily dealt the greatest hand, having to deal with losing Furcal, a declining Jeff Kent, and a hopeless Andruw Jones, who I’m not even sure God could fix. But it should be interesting to see how Mattingly gets these guys to respond and hopefully this can help in any way.  Although the offense hasn’t been all that bad, lately, but, still… any improvement is good.

So, welcome, Don!

P.S.: I am also back and never taking a vacation!  When my colleague leaves, we win a no-hitter.  When I leave on Monday, I miss a near perfect game.

MSTI: where good things happen when one of us is gone.

- Vin vinscully-face.jpg