Holy Crap, We’ve Lasted A Year!

I knew it was coming up, and, just randomly, tonight, I went back and checked when the very first article was put up on here, and, sure enough… even though there’s only 10 minutes left, today is our first anniversary!

So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our readers out there, who have helped make MSTI what it has become.  We’re truly surprised, but nonetheless extremely appreciative of the success and support you’ve given us and we thank you very much.

We hope we have fulfilled our objectives over the past year and have been able to provide you with quality analysis, while hopefully giving you a good laugh in the process.

Both of us have plenty of things in store for you in the upcoming months, so here’s to another year!

To celebrate…


Errr… O.K., how about a real birthday song…


- Vin & MSTI