Hideo Nomo Retires

As I was perusing through the MLB headlines this afternoon, trying to find any baseball news during this All-Star break, I came across this one near the bottom:

Hideo Nomo, who pitched a pair of no-hitters and led a rush of Japanese players to the major leagues, is finished.

Nomo announced his retirement Thursday, agent Don Nomura said. Once known for a deceptive delivery and a devastating forkball, the 39-year-old Nomo was released by the Kansas City Royals in late April.

I was going to spend the evening writing an article reflecting on Nomo’s career and then I remembered: I already did it!  So, instead of rehashing, I’ll just re-link to the article and hopefully it brings you back some of the great memories The Tornado provided. Even though his retirement came 4 years too late, he was really something special to watch in his heyday.

So long, Hideo.

- Vin vinscully-face.jpg


Hideo is a Legend. A Team Player. Great to the fans. He played with his heart.I miss watching him pitch. It was mesmerizing. Hope to hear he will be in the HOF, along  with Mike Piazza. No steroids, either one.