MSTI Special Feature: Mondays With Torgy (Episode III)

Welcome to another edition of Monday’s With Torgy! 

I now present to you for week three: The Torgmeister:

Good Monday, to all. Not the best week on the farm. First off, before he throws pitch one, Ethan Martin tears up his knee during PFP to end his season. Still, I doubt he would’ve pitched much this year, so it saves the Dodgers from themselves and the kid can rehab and be ready to start at Ogden, next June, unless he is as precocious as most scouts feel. At least his injury happened on the field, that can’t be said for Chris Withrow, who hurt himself throwing a sandal on the beach. I know kids will be kids, but this kind of injury during horseplay reminds me of Brien Taylor, the poster boy for stupid injuries. Kid had one of the best lefty arms and gets into a fight at a bar and his career is toast.

Well, just because I care, here are the numbers for Carlos Santana at Kinston (.379/.419/586 with a homer and four ribs.), Jon Meloan at Buffalo (0-1, 1.93, 1.50 WHIP, 4.2ip, 1bb, 3k) and Bryan Morris (no stats yet, he was assigned to Hickory in the South Atlantic League). Of these three kids, I am gonna miss Santana, the most, followed by Morris, with Meloan a distant third. Andy LaRoche has been doing okay with the Pirates, a homer today and is looking like his bat is getting warmed up. But, right now, the trades look very good in the Dodgers’ favor. Casey Blake has provided a good bat and has flashed some great leather at third. As for Manny, I hear good things about him.

One thing I have to speak on is the impact of this year’s draft by Logan White. Just from the numbers and scouting reports, it appears that Logan White may have pulled a huge rabbit out of his hat. This draft, which was so in opposition to White’s previous drafts, is looking like one of his best. I know when I heard names like Kyle Russell, Devaris Gordon, Nick Buss, Anthony Delmonico, Steven Caceres, etc… I had thought White had lost his mind. Boy, was I wrong! Nick Buss is one of the hottest hitters in the minors, Russell is not the most awful player in the game as some were opining when we drafted him and Gordon (for a kid who didn’t play at all this year) has been something special – although his glove needs some work. But let’s look at two pitchers, who were late round picks. Matthew Smith, a 6’6″ righty is holding an ERA of 0.96 in the Pioneer League – yes, the Pioneer League where any ERA under 4.5 is considered Cy Young material. Then there is Matt Magill, a kid we stole from Cal Poly. He just went 1-0 for the week, tossing 5.1 innings, allowing only two hits, one walk and striking out eight. Even Nathan Eovaldi, who with Zack Cox (very likely on his way to Arkansas) and Chris Joyce ( on his way to UC-Santa Barbara) were the players that I felt the Dodgers needed to sign to make this a successful draft, started his career with a two strikeouts in his first inning of work and was clocked at 98. Right now, signing Cox or Joyce would just gild the lily, this draft is that good.

Now, that brings me to the 2009 draft and the potential for the Dodgers to have something like eight of the first 60-70 picks. Eight picks in the first and sandwich rounds for Logan White, that should be illegal. It appears, that as long as we offer arbitration, we will net two picks for Manny, two for Raffy, two for the Most Interesting Man in the World (you may start on the Termel Sledge story, Vin) and two more for the ADD Kid. Even if we sign Sabathia, we are only out one pick. Actually, I wouldn’t mind if we did resign three of these potential free agents, but I think the most likely scenario is that we resign Blake, but not the others.

Okay, back to the farm. Las Vegas closed the gap between themselves and Sacramento, but a bad week of 3-4 dropped them to 61-55, some 4.5 games back of the RiverCats. We are kind of understaffed with Terry Tiffee and Mike Koplove playing for the US Olympic team and John-Ford Griffin aching. Blake DeWitt had a nice week, going 10-30 with two bombs and three ribs. Nice week for Heath Totten as he won two games and posted an ERA of 2.25 for the week. Brad Penny’s rehab start went well, as he threw four innings, only tossing 55 pitches, of which 44 were strikes. There was even talk that he hit the upper nineties on the gun at Oklahoma City.

Bad weeks at Jacksonville (2-5, 17-26, 11 games back of Mississippi and in last place in the Southern League South Division) and Inland Empire (also 2-5, 22-21, 1.5 games back of Lancaster and in second place in the Cal League South Division). The Suns got some very bad pitching, but Ivan DeJesus put up good numbers, going 13-28 with six doubles, a homer and six ribs. The only pitcher who had a good week was Scott Elbert as he picked up a win, while striking out three in three innings. The Suns got a good week from Tommy Giles as he went 5-16 with three homers and six ribs for the week, while Victor Garate put together a great outing, working six, striking out ten and only giving up one run. Scott Proctor made his first rehad appearance and got ripped for three hits in two thirds of an inning.

Both the Loons and the GCL Dodgers put up the same numbers (the Loons went 3-4 and dropped their record to 16-27, eleven games back of South Bend and in last place in the Midwest League West Division). The Dodgers put up a 3-4 record, falling to second place behind the Nats and dropping their record to 22-15, a half game back. With the exception of Eduardo Perez and Andrew Lambo, the Loons couldn’t hit water if they ran off of the end of a pier. Perez went 13-27 with three doubles and four ribs. Lambo went 10-30 with a homer and six ribs. Josh Lindbloom had a nice start, going three innings, striking out five and giving up no runs. As for the Dodgers, Albie Goulder led the moribund offense with a 6-18 week, with a homer and a rib. On the pitching end, Edwin Contreras went 5.2 innings in a no decision, striking out three and walking none. Jerry Sands did drive home seven runs, this week, but also struck out ten times.

Lastly, the Raptors went 4-3 and are tied for first with the Idaho Falls Chukars. Elian Herrera and Nick Buss had big weeks, Herrera drove home seven runs in a Raptor’s win, this week and Buss belted three homers and eight ribs for the week. Anthony Delmonico struggled for a bit, going hitless for three games, but he put together a couple three hit games to get back on track. That is all I have this week, see you all next week….if Mike lets me back.

Ladies and gentleman: Torgy has left the building.

Thanks again, Torgy!

- Vin vinscully-face.jpg