LOL, Dodgers FTW

Couple of different things to get to today, so let’s get right to it.

* First things first, in a game that I assume no one saw because most people work at 12:10pm on a Thursday, the Dodgers managed to take the last game of the series against Colorado, 3-1. Not really a whole lot of note to take away from this one, although seeing Jonathan Broxton strike out the side while hitting triple digits a couple of times was fun. Derek Lowe was effective, if inefficient, in giving up just 4 hits and 1 run over 6 1/3 innings. It took him 107 pitches to get that far, though, thanks to allowing seven different hitters to get to a three-ball count. That said, he minimized any damage by only walking two. James Loney hit his first homer since July 27th and… you know what, this is why I don’t do game recaps unless there’s a particularly interesting event or managerial decision to discuss. You can get the details of what happened in the game anywhere. It’s just not too often that the game is played so early, so I couldn’t just skip it entirely.

* Despite what we’ve been talking about for the last few days, Joe Torre insists that Russell Martin isn’t getting tired:

Torre acknowledged that he “may be pushing the envelope at this point and time” after penciling in Martin for his eighth start of the season at third base and 116th start in 126 games overall. Martin started 143 games last season and repeatedly has said he would never ask for a day off.

Although Martin’s batting average had dipped to .237 this month before the game, Torre said he did not think Martin was showing signs of fatigue.

“I think he’s fighting himself more than he’s tired,” said Torre, who started Danny Ardoin at catcher. “I don’t see the slow bat. I see lack of selectivity.”

“May” be pushing the envelope? Gee, you think? Also, there’s more than one type of fatigue. Maybe, as Torre says, his bat isn’t slowing. But people can get mentally fatigued as well, and that might be what’s causing the “lack of selectivity.” Is that it? I certainly can’t say for sure, but everyone needs a mental health day now and then – even ballplayers.

Martin, by the way, went 0-3 today.

* Is TJ Simers drinking the Kool-aid? It’s so odd to read him when he’s not being needlessly standoffish and hopelessly unfunny. Yet here he is, praising Manny and everything he’s done.

* Fantastically nomenclatured reader Leonora Unser-Schutz writes in to point us towards the direction of… Joe Torre’s new blog. I think I’ve just this second realized how the mainstream is planning on getting rid of bloggers; by making the blogworld as fantastically uncool as possible. I’m not going to make fun of Torre here – the blog so far is mostly about his adjustments in moving from New York to Los Angeles. Actually, I appreciate him making the effort.

But Joe, please. I know you’re joking here, but the whole “68 year old man typing like a 14 year old girl” is just a bit creepy:

For example, I saw one of those little candy Valentine’s hearts printed with “LOL” and thought it was a typo right up until I started reading about blogs and Web acronyms. I mean, WTF(udge), right? Then there are “web smileys” like ;-) and :-( which frankly make me a bit >:-P (I just made that one up). But live and learn.

Until then, I’ll just say BFN, because I have to GBTW, but I’ll BCNU soon. But JFTR, I don’t think I’m going to be using a lot of this Web slang. IMHO, plain old English works just fine. TYVM and TTYL.

* Yours truly will be at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia on Saturday for the excellent Clayton Kershaw/Cole Hamels matchup. I’d like to say I planned it that way… so I will. (Just kidding, I bought these tickets months ago.) Feel free to buy me a beer. Difficulty: you don’t know what I look like.

- Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness msti-face.jpg