It’s About Time

Looks like Joe’s finally wising up because believe it or not, Russell Martin’s getting a day off tonight. Not playing third, but a real live day off! We’ll see how late in the game Torre can hold off putting him in, but still, it’s a step in the right direction. Would you believe that Martin hasn’t had a full day off that wasn’t a scheduled team off day since August 7? That’s three weeks ago. I have to take issue with Tony Jackson’s comment on the day off, though:

Martin isn’t slumping, but he needs a day off, and the Dodgers don’t have any day games after night games coming up.

Not slumping? Martin’s put up a .577 OPS over the last week and a .660 mark over the last month. That’s not so much “good” as it is “lousy”, or as we like to put it, “in a slump because Torre’s trying to kill him!”

Oh, and there’s the whole thing about not getting swept by the worst team in baseball. Let’s get on that, too. Like the poster says, I want to believe this team can still overtake Arizona, who’s pretty lousy themselves. I want to. But if you go into Arizona coming off of two consecutive sweeps, including one by the hideously bad Nationals? They’re not making it easy on me.

Also, as of just five minutes ago, per Diamond:

Cory Wade was activated from the disabled list, and Tanyon Sturtze was designated for assignment. The 60-man roster spots Sturtze and Pablo Ozuna free up are earmarked for Scott Proctor and A.J. Ellis.

No surprise here, but I’m still not sure why this had to be put off another day, and why they told Sturtze and then changed their minds. It just put Sturtze in a really awkward position for another day, which sounds a little rotten. Oh well. Thanks for stopping by, Tanyon. Welcome back, Cory. 

- Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness msti-face.jpg