Happy Labor Day

…during which I will celebrate the working man by spending my day at the Bohemian Beer Gardens. If you don’t think the Dodgers are part of what’s making me tip one back today, you haven’t been watching the team lately. Who gets swept in Washington, comes in on an eight-game losing streak… and then takes down two of the best pitchers in baseball on back-to-back nights? How does this team get up 8-0 on Brandon Webb? San Diego’s up next, so let’s hope they don’t revert back to playing down to the competition again.

Quick post today due to the holiday, but there’s still news to report – Jeff Kent is, to no one’s surprise, going to have surgery on his injured left knee.

Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman Jeff Kent will undergo surgery to repair torn cartilage in his left knee on Tuesday.

 The 40-year-old Kent can begin rehabilitation soon after the operation and might return by the end of the season, manager Joe Torre said.

“We’ll see what happens,” Torre said. “I know one thing: If there’s a chance he’ll come back, he’s going to come back.”

The timeframe part is surprising, though. I’d be shocked if he makes it back by the end of the month. Perhaps if the Dodgers make it into October, though. There’s a slogan for you – “Send Jeff Kent out on the field rather than on the operating table!” Not very catchy, I guess. Over at DodgerThoughts the other day, Jon detailed Kent’s legacy in Blue – including the surprising revelation that in the short time he was in LA (all after age 37) he was already the best-hitting second baseman the Dodgers have ever had on the west coast. Incredible.

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