Let’s Hear It for Juan Pierre

That’s right,  JUAN PIERRE. “But Pierre?!” you say. “Manny had three more hits and drove in two, Loney had two hits and drove in three. Hiroki Kuroda was absolutely dominant again, giving up just three hits over seven scoreless innings – and Takashi Saito made his long-awaited return a successful one, striking out two of the three men he faced.” To which I would respond, “who’s writing this blog, you or me?” Other than Brad Penny blowing the shutout by giving up an absolute bomb to Adam LaRoche to blow the shutout, there was a lot to like about this game. But tonight, we’re going to focus on Juan Pierre, partially because we’ve bagged on him relentlessly since this blog started, and partially because the fact that he hit a home run might really signal the end times, and I’d like to get back on his good side just in case he is in fact the Supreme Overlord.

Even Ken Levine on the postgame radio show said, “I would have thought that Paris Hilton would become a nun before Juan Pierre would hit another home run.” It was, in fact, Pierre’s first home run as a Dodger and his first in nearly two years, since September 18, 2006. That’s right – the same date that the Dodgers hit back-to-back-to-back-to-back homers (plus a walkoff by Nomar). What the hell was in the air that night? And is it unreasonable to think that the incredible feat by LA that night may not have been the most unlikely homer-related event going on?

Before the game, I had written:

Magic number’s at Cey. Let’s hope after tonight we get it down to Pierre or Big Sexy. And if someone can help me come up with a better #9, I’m all ears.

Though I got some good ideas (Micky Hatcher, Wally Moon, Greg Brock), I couldn’t come up with a good #9 picture of any of them, so I was holding out hope that the Giants would beat the D-Backs tonight so we could skip right down to #8. Well, Arizona won over San Francisco tonight, so the 9 stays up. And a well deserved #9 it is.

We’ll return to your regularly-scheduled Pierre bashing tomorrow, when what was basically a lucky coincidence for Pierre (that is, that Andre Ethier was away from the team for the birth of his child) turns into an excuse for Torre to start playing him every day again.

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