Be Careful Out There Today

September 18, 2007: The Dodgers’ playoff hopes implode in a doubleheader sweep at the hands of Colorado, including Todd Helton – down to his last strike – hitting a walkoff homer off of Takashi Saito in the second game.

September 18, 2006: Quite possibly the greatest game in LA history; the immortal 4+1 game. Which, as I recall, looked something like this:


September 18, 2005: Cheating steroid-fueled jerkwad Barry B*nds hits home run #705 against what may in fact be the most embarrassing lineup a Dodger team has ever put on the field: Navarro-C/Kent-1B/A.Perez-2B/Robles-SS/W.Aybar-3B/M.Edwards-LF/Werth-CF/Cruz, Jr.-RF/Dessens-P.

Frankly, I’m pretty uneasy about today, because clearly there’s something awry in the air for the Dodgers on September 18th. But hey, at least LA isn’t starting a prized young pitcher whom we’ve warned about overexerting… oh. Great. So, expect Kershaw to either throw a perfect game… or have his arm land somewhere near Indianapolis.

- Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness msti-face.jpg