Sunday Bloody Sunday

First off, let me begin with an unrelated note: I’d also like to personally send my Happy Birthday wishes to a great guy and bloggist, MSTI!  My gift to you?

An article!

The downside?  It had to come on one of the most craptastic days of the Dodgers’ season. So, it’s sort of akin to saying: “Happy Birthday!  I bought you a car!  Downside?  The car is totaled!”

Or… “Happy Birthday!  Guess what?  I bought you a hooker!  Oh yeah… she’s also 80… but she KNOWS things…”

Yes, I REALLY don’t want to talk about this afternoon’s horrible abortion of a game, so…

Hey, did you know the Dodgers won 10-7, last night?  Manny hit 2 more HR’s, had 5 RBI’s, and while an ugly game, we won and reduced that magic number to 5!!  YEAH!!

(tries to find another diversion)

Say friends, did you also know that, yesterday, the Dodgers activated Jeff Kent?  You know, the one who just had knee surgery TWO weeks ago.  He’s not actually really going to play, but he’ll be available in a pinch hitting role.

Yeah… so…

(crickets chirp)

Oh yeah!  Did you know that, last week, Juan Pierre hit a H…

ARGH!!  O.K….

As you can tell from the title of this article, I have started to grow… shall we say, disenchanted with Sundays?  Perhaps this could explain why…

This time last week: lamenting over an extra inning 1-0 loss.

Today: throwing the neighbor’s cat over the fence… over an extra inning 1-0 loss.

Because of these misfortunes, be prepared for me and MSTI to go to Congress soon: that’s right, you heard it here first.  We’re going to push to ban Sundays.

But, seriously, talk about a crushing loss today, and in many respects.  While both losses were incredibly disappointing, this one bothers me a lot more, but there actually was some good.  The first of which would have to be Derek Lowe.  Lowe continues on his tear, going 7 scoreless innings, giving up 5 hits, walking 3 and striking out 7.  Stellar outings have been mostly the norm for Derek Lowe lately, and I would outline just how effective he has been this year and throughout his entire Dodger career in general, but my partner in crime does a very good job of that, right here.

I would also be remiss not to give some props to Cory Wade, who came in and shut down the Giants for two innings.  Wade has been incredibly effective this year and has been arguably the most reliable person in the entire bullpen.  A very good story that doesn’t get the attention it should.

But that’s about all the good I can think of with this game… well, maybe that and being thankful that today’s game didn’t send James Loney into an asylum.  When you look at the box score, you will note that it says Loney went 0-4, but it most other sane universes, that actually would have been 3-4, with at least a couple of RBI’s tagged on.  Loney got completely robbed in his first 3 at-bats by the Giants defense, who felt that somehow we were in the 7th game of the World Series.  In fact, many Dodgers fell victim to good defense today, but still, they had their chances.  In particular, the 1st inning, when they were left scoreless in a bases loaded, 0 out situation. They also might have had a chance to get a run in if Larry Bowa hadn’t sent Angel Berroa home on a play when Manny Ramirez was going to be the hitter, where Berroa was thrown out.  Yeah… nice one, Larry.

I could keep going, but, more than likely, you know the story.  Great pitching and really poor hitting, mixed with some great defense from the other side.  But the troubling thing to me is that, despite the Dodgers success lately, they have looked very lackluster throughout the past week, at least going back to the 2nd game of the Pittsburgh series.  In other words, the wins that have been coming have been wins that they have had to battle for: a 4-3 12 inning victory on Thursday, an ugly 10-7 win on Saturday… against the Pirates and Giants.  These should be beatdowns, but instead, the Dodgers drop their first series in almost a month to the lowly Giants.  That’s really what’s so frustrating about this team, if you think about it.  On one hand, they’ll go out and beat the crap out of Brandon Webb and Dan Haren twice in a week and flash what they’re capable of which, of course, gets our hopes of and maybe makes us start to believe in this team a little bit… then they’ll come back and do something bonehead like this.  Losing a series to the Giants is simply inexcusable at any time at this point, but especially in late September.  What’s scary about this is that this is the second straight series the Dodgers have dropped to them and with 6 games left remaining on the schedule, three of them are in San Francisco.  Because of this, would I be surprised to see 1982 all over again?  No, not at all.  Nonetheless, they need to get their asses back in gear.

So the magic number remains at Choi.  However, the consollation in all of this is that Arizona begins a four game set against the St. Louis Cardinals, a team they haven’t been too successful against.  While they play St. Louis, the Dodgers will be off to San Diego to face a team they have handily beat, this year.  So, the advantage lies in the Dodgers favor.  The problem?  Jake Peavy is pitching the first game.

Can we beat him, finally?  Just once?

- Vin vinscully-face.jpg