It’s The Weekend!

Yeah, that’s right. Go outside. Enjoy yourself. I’m going to the Giants/49ers game on Sunday!
Basically, here’s the thing. It was a long, fantastic season. There’s about to be a crazy offseason, and on Monday we start that with our big 2009 plan, followed by the 2008 review series. So we’re kicking back, putting our feet up, cracking a beer – by which I of course mean, several beers – and taking the weekend off. Not only that, but there’s big MSTI news on the horizon. In the meantime, how much have things changed since this time last year? On October 17th, we said that we didn’t want to see Alex Rodriguez coming to LA, and on October 19th we discussed Ken Gurnick’s article that said there was no way Joe Torre was coming to the Dodgers. Nice work, Ken!
I sincerely doubt Jake Peavy’s getting traded before Monday, anyway.

- Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness msti-face.jpg

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