Getting Started on Step 14 Already!

Per Rotoworld:

Dodgers declined infielder Angel Berroa’s $5.5 million option for 2009.

We’re not sure whether this was more or a less of a no-brainer than the option the Cards have on Mark Mulder or the one the Braves have on Mike Hampton, but it was definitely an easy call. Berroa hit .230/.304/.310 in 226 at-bats for the Dodgers, and if anything, he actually exceeded expecations in the process. He’ll be lucky to land a utility role coming out of spring training.

Clearly, there was no hope of the Dodgers picking this one up (and it’s actually the Royals who were on the hook for paying the $500k buyout). Honestly, I was really surprised at all the praise Berroa recieved this season. I will admit that he did have a hot streak (.333/.405/.470 in 20 games between 8/24 and 9/17) but that doesn’t change the fact that at no point this season was his OPS over .649. Remember, .649 was the pinnacle of his year… and even that would only be good for 144th in MLB, behind Jason Kendall. I never did understand why Chin-Lung Hu couldn’t get another shot, because if we’re going to have a shortstop who can’t hit, might as well have a fantastic glove there. Now that I think about it, we’re doing season reviews this week. Chances of me copying most of what I just wrote for Berroa’s segment: excellent. So long, Angel!

Also, under the category of “totally¬†amazing things I wish I’d seen first”, be sure to check out the Onion’s breakdown of Manny over at Sons of Steve Garvey. I like the part about “going to deliver a pretty hilarious Hall of Fame induction speech.” I’ve always thought that absolutely nothing is going to be able to top Rickey Henderson’s speech (I’ve still got my fingers cross that instead of choosing a favored coach or close teammate to introduce him, he’ll choose Rickey Henderson), but Manny’s is going to be pretty classic.

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