Off To a Good Start: Thanks, Seattle

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SEATTLE — Seattle Mariners CEO Howard Lincoln and President Chuck Armstrong announced today that Jack Zduriencik has been named the Mariners new Executive Vice President & General Manager of Baseball Operations.

Why do you care that Jack Zdun… Zdurie… Zudu-not-gonna-work-here-anyway is the new GM for the Mariners? Because that means that Dodgers assistant GM Kim Ng, a finalist for the job,┬áis not. I don’t mean to sound as though I’m applauding what is certainly a disappointment for Ng, but it’s phenomenal news for the Dodgers, and in the long run that’s really all that matters to me and my irrational history of cheering for Los Angeles-based laundry.
I would have never ever believed this just a few months ago, but it now seems likely the Dodgers are going to make it through this offseason without losing either Ng or Logan White to GM jobs elsewhere, which count as huge wins for us.

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