Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Longest Tenured Dodger…

…turned 24 years old five months ago.


That’s right, with the likely departures of Jeff Kent, Brad Penny, & Derek Lowe, there’s only two Dodgers left from the 2005 debacle who are likely to be on the 2009 club: Broxton and Hong-Chih Kuo. And even Kuo’s only 27 years old! Broxton made his debut on July 29 of that year, while Kuo walked two of the first three batters he saw on September 2 and didn’t get into another game for 16 days. Amazing, isn’t it? A 24-year-old is most likely going to be the longest-serving Dodger.
Fortunately, 2006 saw the debuts of Russell Martin, Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp, James Loney, and Chad Billingsley (sidenote: what a year!), so hopefully we won’t be saying similar things in ten years.
(Yes, I know Yhency Brazoban pitched for the Dodgers in 2004. I also know he’s pitched in just eleven MLB games in the last three years, and since he’s arbitration-eligible, may get non-tendered. He doesn’t count here. Jason Repko made his Dodger debut earlier in 2005 than Broxton, but is in the same injury-prone, arbitration-eligble, possible non-tender situation as Brazoban.)
* Over at MVN, check out their 2009 plan for the Dodgers. It’s well thought-out, and there’s a trade with Tampa that I haven’t heard before, which could be intriguing. That said, if we go with the middle infield plan laid out there, it might be grounds for me to stop following the Dodgers entirely. This is what I’d said back in June when the Eckstein rumors were flying around:

David Eckstein, Blue Jays
Profile: I hate myself for even bringing him up. But the Blue Jays are in dead last in the AL East and just fired their manager, so they’re clearly going nowhere fast. For a GM who loves veterans like Colletti does, you don’t think he’d love to add his “grittiness” or “hustle” or whatever euphemism you want to use for “short, modestly talented white guy”? Of course he would.
Pros: Let’s see… “pros”. Well… he’s cheap? Only signed for 2008 at $4.5 million, and no commitments afterwards. Actually, he’s not as terrible as I would have thought; while he has zero power, the .361 OBP he has so far this year is pretty good.
Cons: The ramifications of Juan Pierre and David Eckstein hitting 1-2 in a lineup may end the free world as we know it.

- Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness msti-face.jpg