Dodgers Sign Old Infielder

But not the one you think!

While closing in on re-signing third baseman Casey Blake, the Dodgers further solidified their infield depth Monday night by agreeing to terms with veteran utilityman Mark Loretta on a one-year contract, according to agent Bob Garber.

AKA, “Smell you later, Nomar”.


mark_loretta.jpgActually, I know I’ve been pretty negative about everything lately, but I love this signing, especially for just $1.4 million over one year. In fact, when the rumor first popped up a week ago, I was completely in favor of it – why wouldn’t I want a guy who could play all four infield positions and absolutely destroys lefties, especially when it seems as though at least half of the infield will be lefty batters? DodgerThoughts points out that Loretta’s had an OBP of .345 or better since 1997, and that’s fantastic. He’s basically Nomar, but better: he might have never had Nomar’s pop, but he can play more positions, and he won’t rack up an extra $10 million in doctor bills. Not to mention that Nomar never would have taken that little to come back.

My only caveat here is that Loretta needs to be filling the Nomar/Big Sexy role. If he’s coming to be our Opening Day 2B, that’s a problem for me. But as a safety net/platoon partner with lefty Blake DeWitt, and an infielder who can still hit and provides immense versatility, I love it. Welcome home, Mark.