Dodgers Sign Old Infielder, Part II

87toppscaseyblake.jpgAnd it is the one you think…

Blake has agreed to a three-year deal worth slightly more than $17.1 million. It’s believed the Minnesota Twins had offered him a two-year contract in the neighborhood of $14 million.

No analysis here, because simply scroll down to see any number of posts in which I’ve discussed why I think this is a bad idea. $17.1 million to Casey Blake over three years. Unbelievable.

For the record, Baseball Prospectus has a stat called MORP, which as they define it, is:

MORP is modelled based on the actual behavior of recent free agent markets, and accounts for non-linearity in the market price of baseball talent (e.g. teams are willing to pay more for one 6-win player than two 3-win players).As listed in a player’s PECOTA card, a player’s MORP includes the major league minimum salary of $380,000 for 2007. Further, in a player’s Five-Year Forecast, we assume salary inflation of 8% per year through 2010.

Blake’s MORP over the next three years? $2.65m, $1.925m, and $1m. Fantastic.

(Yes, I saw that the Dodgers signed AAAA infielder Hector Luna. No, don’t expect another “Dodgers sign infielder” post to discuss it.)