Do We Actually Have to Root for Andruw Jones Now?

Tony Jackson with an interesting note on Jones’ signing of a minor-league deal with the Rangers:

Just found out that the Dodgers get HALF of whatever he makes with the Rangers. So, if he maxes out on his incentives and receive a total salary of $1.5 million from Texas in 2009, the Dodgers will get $750,000 of that, meaning they would owe him about $2.76 million instead of the $3.5 million they owe him now.

jones_andruw0930.jpgIt’s an interesting proposition; is saving $750,000 more valuable than wishing for the downfall of a player in the opposite league? If Manny Ramirez signs for $25 million per year, $750,000 will pay for just under 5 games of his time. Sounds like an easy call to me – fail, Jonesy, fail! Unfortunately, Texas doesn’t come to Los Angeles this year, but the Dodgers do go to Arlington in June. I’m not sure if he’ll hear me yelling at him through the computer, but you better believe it’s going to happen. If he even makes the team, that is.

God, I hate Andruw Jones.