Maybe We Can Go Get Odalis Perez and D.J. Houlton, Too

Why stop there? What’s Kelly Wunsch up to? Derek Thompson? Hell, let’s go get the whole gang back together. Rob @ 6-4-2 was the first place I saw this, so let’s give him the scoop:

Dodgers Sign Jeff Weaver To Minor-League Deal
According to You can’t have too much pitching, unless it’s bad.

That’s right: I’m so sick of Manny-mania and A-Rod’s pharmaceutical helpers that the signing of a washed-up veteran pitcher who was never really all that good in the first place to a minor league deal is what passes for news right now. I’m not going to get too worked up over a minor-league invite, because there’s really no risk involved, but holy jesus was Jeff Weaver awful in 2008. If you saw a pitcher who put up ERAs of 6.07 and 6.22, with WHIPs of 1.62 and 1.53, for his two teams last year, you’d say something like, “Woof. That guy got eaten alive. What the hell is he doing in the bigs?” – and you’d be well within reason to do so. Now, what do you say when you find out that those numbers came in stops for Buffalo and Nashville in AAA?

Hey, maybe there’s a chance that Jeff Weaver is the 2009 recipient of the Aaron Sele/Scott Erickson/Chan Ho Park Memorial “I’m Not a Corpse Just Yet, Bitches!” Award.

And maybe I’m a Chinese jet pilot. 

Because, don’t forget, there’s one prerequisite for making the team, and I’m not even talking about performance – I’m talking about having the manager not hate you. And what’s part of Joe Torre’s new book, which I’ve purposely avoided discussing until now because it’s a complete distraction?

Torre recalled how he told Cashman to unload Jeff Weaver after he allowed a game-ending homer in Game 4 of the 2003 World Series “because emotionally he can’t handle it, trying to come back from that.”

weaverJDdrew.jpgRight. Good luck with that, Jeff.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see him in camp again, but since there’s no chance that he’s actually to make the team, you’ll just have to go to FireNedCollettiNow to see the great animation of him giving up yet another homer and looking on in disdain at the wreckage of his career. Even better? The homer in that image came to old “friend” J.D. Drew as part of the seven earned runs over two innings that served as the debut of Weaver’s disastrous Seattle career. That’s right – the same picture you see at right.

Oh yeah; this is going to end well.





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