At Least It’s Better Than More ARod Talk…

Just a quick and fun post while I shudder at the Jonas Brothers assaulting my ears on yet another aggressively awful SNL, but this jumped out at me from

PHOENIX — Manny Ramirez stands out, even in absentia.

There are 70 nameplates above lockers in the Dodgers’ new clubhouse at Camelback Ranch-Glendale and one locker without a nameplate, in the corner next to Rafael Furcal.

Guess who they’re saving that one for.

I like to think this looks something like this:


Also, we’ve featured “Troy from West Virginia” before on this site (notably with his original video, “The Legend of Joe Beimel“, and when I sort of e-stalked him in Philadelphia), but this is by far his best work. I can’t imagine the effort it took to fit this all together, but trust me – it’s worth the listen. 

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