If I Post About Orlando Three Times in a Row, Maybe He’ll Appear

…and according to MLBtraderumors, he has.

According to XM Home Plate, the Dodgers signed Orlando Hudson.

No salary details yet, obviously. I think I made myself pretty clear yesterday on this. He’s a good player, I’ll be happy to cheer for him… but handing Arizona the 17th overall pick is an absolute killer. I can’t stand the idea of tossing away picks like that. And the fact that the front office is apparently okay with that continues to sadden me.

The Diamondbacks must be thrilled, and that alone is enough to know that this was a mistake.

And you know what? I didn’t mention this yesterday, but I should have. If you really really needed a second baseman, Ray Durham could have been had for half the price, zero draft pick compensation… and coming off a superior offensive year. He’s not the defender that Hudson is, granted, but is that worth giving away a first round pick to our biggest rival? It’s mind blowing.

I suppose it remains to be seen whether this benches/demotes DeWitt, or pushes him to third base, with Blake to left and Pierre to the bench. That would be the most efficient use of the pieces involved, but if that’s the case it’s still a problem, because if you’ve got a left fielder that’s not named Manny Ramirez, it really needed to be Adam Dunn or Bobby Abreu.

On the plus side, I suppose, now today’s earlier post about Orlando Cabrera was much ado about nothing.

Update: We now have salary numbers from MLB.com:

The deal is worth $3.4 million with another $4.6 million in possible incentives.

So if he hits all his incentives, that’s eight million dollars? How is that cheap? Wasn’t half the point that we were going to be able to get a decent player at a great discount? Granted, we don’t know what the incentives are yet or how easily obtained they’ll be, but some of them had better be “win Cy Young Award” or “land on the moon”. Oh, and by the way, let’s enjoy the Hudson that no longer calls Arizona home: his 2008 home/road splits were a .939 OPS at home… .718 OPS on the road. Fantastic. This keeps getting better and better.