Now THIS Is Happening


mannyruns.jpgI’m basically near my computer nonstop all day, and I step away for two hours, and what do I come back to? Well, other than 38 new messages on the “Re-sign Manny” thread on the Big Blue Wrecking Crew, which immediately give me the idea that something was up, Tony Jackson has some details:

From what I understand, though, there WON’T be a deal tonight. The offer is a two-year, $45 million contract, with salaries of $25 million the first year and $20 million the second, but the second year is a PLAYER option so Manny can walk away if he believes he can get more on the open market next winter. If he is injured during the first season, the second year becomes guaranteed. Boras and Co. have taken it under advisement, and the club is expecting a response early tomorrow.

If this is true: wow, because this would be a brilliant deal for the Dodgers. We were all thrilled with the one year offer, would be happy with a two year deal, and would probably begrudgingly accept a third year.

Really, unless Manny suffers a serious injury in the first year, there’s no downside here. We get him prepared to mash in 2009, motivated to hit the market again in 2010. If the economy hasn’t rebounded, we get him for $5 million cheaper in year 2, but still motivated because he’ll be in another contract year. And then, we can see how age has eroded his skills (especially on defense), and let him walk just in time for Andrew Lambo to take over!

Love this. Now, can we please get this done? Please?