New Headline: ESPN Is Trying To Kill Me

Per MLBtraderumors and ESPN, Manny’s agreed to a… wait for it… two year, $45 million deal. Hey, glad we waited four extra months to agree to the same deal that was proposed in November!

Details to come.

The unhappiest man in camp? No, it’s not Juan Pierre. It’s Danny Ardoin – just you wait and see.

Update: This is what I get for trusting Enrique Flerking Rojas. Jayson Stark – you know, someone with actual writing credentials – is now saying:

A source told’s Jayson Stark that obstacles still remain to completing the contract.

Enrique Rojas: the worst…. person…. in the woooooorld!!!

(besides Boras and McCourt, of course.)

Update #2: And just in case there was any doubt, MLBTR adds:

8:32pm: Will Selva, the anchor on staff for ESPNews, says Rojas’ report is “false.”

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