Fire Up That Manny PR Machine

Lots of fun things coming into MSTI HQ these days. First, reader Paolo checks in with a fun new graphic advertising the return of Mannywood, which you’ve probably seen out on billboards by now….

But I also received this in my email from the Dodger PR list…

JetBlue Airways to offer $99* Manny Fan Fare
to Southern Californians
Tickets available from Southern California to New York and Boston
LOS ANGELES – JetBlue Airways, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ official domestic airline partner, is welcoming back Manny Ramirez, number 99, with a special $99* Manny Fan Fare offer each way for Southern Californians. Through May 21, 2009, L.A. Basin residents can travel from the Long Beach airport to either New York (JFK) or Boston or from Burbank to JFK by booking online at by Sunday, March 8, 2009.
 ”JetBlue is proud to be the official airline of the Dodgers. We want to thank the millions of loyal and diverse fans in support of the team and Mr. Ramirez by pitching some of the lowest fares in the industry to the L.A. community,” said Marty St. George, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Commercial Strategy for JetBlue Airways. “Customers can choose to jet to Manny’s hometown and our home base, New York, or the home of his former team in Boston. This June, JetBlue will offer flights from three L.A. Basin airports to New York – more than any other airline in Southern California – when we launch service from LAX. Think Blue, Los Angeles!”

“I’m happy to be back in Southern California and hope Dodgers fans will take advantage of the generous $99 Manny Fares from my friends at JetBlue,” stated Manny Ramirez.

I would love to see video of Manny actually saying that. And while $99 for a cross-country flight seems like a decent deal, I’m trying to figure out exactly how Manny being back on the Dodgers would help convince people to leave Los Angeles and get about as far away from Manny as you can while not leaving the country. Anyway, who doesn’t love corporate synergy? I wonder what other promotions Manny can get tied into? “For Just $99, Manny Will Come To Your Birthday Party and Sing “99 Red Balloons“? Or maybe the Kings can try to fool people into following hockey by saying “Hey, We Used to Have a Pretty Good #99 Too.” Or how about “Manny Will Personally Serve You Dinner at the 99 Restaurant!” (Update: I’ve been informed that there are no 99 Restaurants in California. Whatever, the joke still stands.)

* In sadder news, Dodger beat writer Diamond Leung of the Riverside Press-Enterprise was laid off today, as the paper is cutting back like so many others in these times. Diamond’s blog was always one of the first places I’d go to for Dodger info each morning, and I often linked to him here. All Dodger fans are worse off for not having him be part of their coverage – best of luck to him.